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Mentoring is one of the broadest methods of encouraging human growth. Mentoring is a powerful element in personal development, and can be a key factor in building a learning organization where each member is empowered.

• Traditionally, mentoring was a formal process where by an older more experienced person helped and guided a younger person in learning the ropes within an organization. Mentoring is a process where by mentor and mentee work together to discover and develop mentee’s latent abilities and to encourage the mentee to acquire knowledge and skills as opportunities and needs arise. Their style may range from that of a persistent encourager who helps someone build confidence to that of a stern taskmaster who teaches a student to appreciate excellence in performance.

• Each Headmistress, coordinator and Head of department operating in traditional school setups has to take on the role of a Mentor.The conservative roles have to be expanded and redefined to cater to wide spectrum of roles and tasks these leaders have to undertake. A teacher who takes on the role of a mentor can provide encouragement, make the other teacher’s skills visible, and improve his or her credibility and status. It becomes a process of continuous growth and empowering climate where all members move towards common goal and vision.
Today with more technology, more aids and more focus on individualized attention to personality development of each child, schools are facing a gamut of challenges. With these new demands schools are in the process of evolution, trying to keep the old values and traditions intact and at the same time trying to integrate the modern. Any school today is in the process of continuous growth and revamping and so it has to prepare to face changes. Lot of systems are evolving and in years to come still new work methods will be put to experiment and more interventions for achieving excellence will be initiated. In such a phase its important to have a system for employee development, that can provide learning opportunities to employees on one hand and on the other hand keep the employees aligned with the vision and mission of the organization. Mentors will provide a networking to support employee development, build communication network and will be instrumental in providing valuable feedbacks at each level of operation in the school for strategic academic and co-curricular planning. Mentoring also becomes a tool for providing intrinsic motivation and sets in a culture for encouragement and appreciation.
The mentor serves as an effective tutor, counselor, and friend who enables the mentee to sharpen skills and hone her or his thinking.

• Share knowledge, experience, skills.
• Help the mentee establish networks
• Provide insight into the department’s culture
• Help the mentee set goals and meet challenges

Effective mentors stick with helping, not interfering. They share, they model, they teach, they do not take over someone else`s problems unless there is a crisis that requires immediate action.

1. Providing appropriate information

  • Information that is factual and neutral to empower a mentee.
  • Occasionally provide information that a mentee can use to guide his action and decision making process.

2. Assigning responsibility - To assign means to trust a person to be able to do a job, however he should be empowered to make key decisions.

3. Identifying feelings - The capacity to detect the emotions and feelings of others and to respond appropriately is a critical art of mentoring.

4. Encouraging exploration of options - Help mentee`s consider possibilities beyond the obvious or tried and true.

5. Brainstorm together.

6. Productive confrontation.

7. Discuss negative intentions or behaviors without being judgmental.


The training program will initiate the process of mentoring by upgrading the existing skills in two broad areas.

  • Personal assessment and evaluation to build insight into their personal effectiveness
  • Enhancement of their people skills

Training workshop would address following issues:-

  • Listening skills
  • Building teams
    1. Conflict resolution skills
    2. Dealing with difficult people
    3. Giving and receiving feedbacks
  • New era Leadership roles
    1. Understanding their Leadership style
    2. Insight into situational Leadership model
  • Conducting Effective meetings
    1. Turning complaints into proposals
    2. Initiating brainstorming
    3. Personal SWOT-internal scanning
    4. Personal Lab to understand basic personality profile

Benefits Experienced by schools that have MENTORS

  • A powerful method for Leadership development
  • Tool to provide Intrinsic motivation
  • Identification of new talents and skills -Has helped the organization to retain talent.
  • Enhances accountability - Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of individuals.
  • Builds Strong teams with common goals - Better coordination between mentees which create good working environment,helps in building friendly relation among all employees of the organization.
  • Builds Network of communication - helps in effective coordination. Also facilitates effective conveying of information and instructions. Information can be conveyed quickly and in an effective manner. Line of communication becomes stronger within the family.
  • Think tank – a platform that strengthens principal’s vision and operates as a strong executive body
  • Effective Succession planning
  • Induction and orientation of new teachers - Helps the new teacher in induction and helps her to get abreast with the policies and principles of the school
  • Teaching standards have gone up and this has helped children hugely as well as build reputation of school.
  • Counseling of teachers - It has helped teachers in distress by being able to showcase their problems to someone who is easily available at the same time be in touch with authorities. Problems are solved and it improves efficiency of mentees.

Mentoring when successful builds a culture of knowledge sharing and a process of capturing best practices from real-world, stars-the people who do the real work- the teachers .Principals can undertake mentoring intervention to be ready to unearth the talent their teachers have and make them the leaders who lead by example and make the school a learning ground for educators!

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