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Positive Parenting
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Why Parenting ?

Why work on Parenting ?
Why ask for help, all children have problems and they grow out of it ?

It is generally recognized that all children go through periods of emotional and behavior difficulty. Although common, the problems of normal children should not be considered unimportant by parents and therefore left to self-resolution.

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Mrs. Salony Priya’s parenting workshops are known for their interactive, informal style, keen observation of parent child relations along with sharing of personal anecdotes, as all these make her workshops highly effective, entertaining and informative. This combination of age appropriate practical strategies delivered in lucid language, makes her session extremely sought after and seen as eye opener for many.

She is one of the pioneers in creating parenting platforms in educational institutions that acted as a catalyst to change the traditional parent teacher communication in schools.

- She has Created a niche in the field of parent interface with a difference for the schools. Conducted workshops and interactive sessions for parents on issues like Communication with child, Building self esteem in the child, Techniques to discipline the child, Handling sibling rivalry, Value teaching, Adolescent handling , teen stress, Teaching life skills etc.

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I met Salony Priya as a counselor at the Heritage School and her parenting sessions have been a boon for me....
Indu Saraf

Excellent session, a real eye opener....
K. Poddar

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Grandparents play a very pivotal role in grooming and nurturing children.The bonding of children with their grandparents is an important resource that can be and should be utilized in PARENTING.

She draws immensely from her own childhood experiences of being brought up in joint family, shares the advantages and helps people to weigh the benefits of having grandparents at home.

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Parenting Workshops for Educational Institutions

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